World Cup 2014 Update

WorldCup2014SemiWhat’s happened…

What a tournament! The round of 16and quarter-finals featured the closest matches in World Cup history. Half the games went into extra time and three needed to go to shootouts. Only two games in the first two rounds of the knockout stage were decided by more than one goal, 2-0 victories by Colombia and France, of which neither are still in the tournament.

The surprise run by the United States came to a thrilling end against Belgium in the round of 16. Not a single goal was scored by the end of regulation, despite the Belgians heavily outplaying the Americans. U.S. goalie Tim Howard put on a record-setting performance with 16 saves to keep the team’s hopes alive, but unfortunately it was not enough. The Belgians scored twice early in extra time and won 2-1.

What’s next…

1. Brazil vs Germany (7/8, 4 p.m. EST) Brazil has been strong behind a home crowd all tournament, but they will be at a disadvantage after losing their star player Neymar to injury. Germany has been ruthlessly consistent with victories over some very tough teams (including our United States). The matchup will prove to be a good one when these two offensive forces meet.

2. The Netherlands vs Argentina (7/9, 4 p.m. EST) The Netherlands and Argentina both entered the tournament as potential world champions. The Netherlands have defeated every team they have come across, despite a scare against the Cinderella Costa Rica. Argentina is also undefeated in the tournament, despite failing to win a single game by more than one goal. But they still have the most dangerous player left in the tournament: Lionel Messi.

The most exciting world cup in years is shaping up for an incredible finale no matter who moves on to the finals. So what do you have planned for the big game? Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter or comments below! And don’t forget to share with our friends using the free allcal app.

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