Video Tutorials

Here you will find quick tutorial videos walking you step-by-step through all our features.

Table of Contents

1. How to edit an event

2. How to add an event

3. How to use the Main Menu

4. How to create a calendar

5. How to add a cover photo

6. How to see the month and week view

7. How to use the All Events feature

8. How to rearrange your calendars

9. How to change the calendar color

10. About Allcal’s Apple Watch app

11. How to RSVP and link to an event

12. How to set your attendance status

13. How to view the notices center

14. How to use the event chat

15. How to use the calendar chat

16. How to set a custom location name

17. Accepting a Sports Calendar invite

How to Edit an Event

How to Add an Event

How to Use the Main Menu

How to Create a Calendar

How to Add a Cover Photo

How to See the Month and Week View

How to Use the All Events Feature

How to Rearrange your Calendars

How to Change the Calendar Color

About Allcal’s Apple Watch App

How to RSVP and Link to an Event

How to Set your Attendance Status

How to View the Notices Center

How to Use the Event Chat

How to Use the Calendar Chat

How to Set a Custom Location Name

For more tutorial videos, check out our tutorial video playlist and for other video content, check out our Youtube channel.

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