Update Debuts Calendar Cover Photos

IMG_6641 You’re a unique person. You celebrate your individuality. You don’t want to be like anyone else.

That’s why the Allcal Team decided to add a customizable calendar cover photo to every single calendar, even your personal calendar.

With Version 1.4.7 (which hit the apple App Store Wednesday, October 15), you can pick a calendar cover photo for every one of your calendars. Add a pic of yourself to your personal calendar, so friends and family immediately knows it’s your calendar. For your small businessĀ or other group calendars, add your logo. Whatever you choose, the photo will appear at the top of the calendar and be visible to everyone shared on the calendar.

This new feature is also visible on the My Calendars view. Under each calendar name, you’ll find the picture chosen to represent that calendar or group, making your homepage more colorful and exciting than ever!

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To add pictures to your personal and private calendars, go the calendar settings by tapping the three dots under the calendar name. Then select cover photo and either take a new picture or choose one from your library. HitĀ save. You may need to reload the calendar before the picture shows up.

Users will also notice a ton of bug fixes in the latest version. When Apple released iOS 8, the Allcal app started experiencing several incompatibility issues. We immediately submitted an update to fix the problems, and are happy that the new version finally went through.

Head to the Apple App Store to download the latest version of Allcal and start uploading pictures for your calendar cover photos. Email us at team@allcal.com to let us know what you think, or if you need any help getting started.

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