Top 5 Apps for 2015

Top5Appsfor20151It was nearly 6 years ago that Apple first coined the phrase “there’s an app for that.” Today, that couldn’t be more true.

As of July 2014, Apple estimates there are 1.2 million apps on the Apple App Store, with dozens added every day. But just because there’s an app that does what you want, it doesn’t mean it does it well.

Our team understands this concept very well – there are plenty of calendar apps out there, but not many offer a true solution to scheduling your day. Our free shared calendar and scheduling app lets users share calendars, collaborate on events, send reminders, and keep track of all your groups in a way that no other calendar app even attempts.

But enough about allcal!

As a self-described app afficionando, I’m always looking for cool apps that make my life better. I have about 30 apps that I use regularly and would immediately endorse, but these are my top 5 apps for 2015.

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Each of these are not extremely well known, fulfill a specific need, and do it incredibly well.

Spitfire1. Spitfire Athlete
What it does: Free weight workout plan for women
Costs: Free
Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Who makes it: Spitfire Athlete, Inc.

There’s plenty of workout apps out there, and most of them are tailored to women. What makes this one so special then? First, the “girly-est” thing about this app is that it’s pink. Other than that, Spitfire Athlete blasts stereotypes by giving women a free weight workout plan that’s tough enough for the guys.

They even have step-by-step instructions for performing each exercise, which is great for anyone not used to working with free weights. Plus, the app lets you keep track of which exercises you’ve performed and how much you lift each set.


GoodCo2. GoodCo
What it does: Gives insights about your work personality
Costs: Free
Available on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Who makes it: GOOD.CO, INC

Sure, Buzzfeed can tell you what city you’re meant to live in or which Disney princess you are..but this app gives you something a lot more useful – your work personality. Through a series of quizzes, GoodCo gives you insights about how you work with other people, how co-workers likely perceive you, and what motivates you. Some questions were obvious, others required more thought. By the end, I didn’t necessarily feel like I learned anything ground-breaking, but definitely had a better understanding of how my personality translates to the workplace.

But this is only step one – GoodCo gets really interesting with what it plans to do with this information. It seems they want to create a work personality marketplace, where people can find jobs or employers that fit their traits. The app even has a checks-and-balances system, by allowing friends to answer similar questions about your personality. As an individual user, I appreciate the insight. As an employer, I’m excited to use this sort of approach to find like-minded co-workers in the future.


screen480x4803. Easely
What it does: Creates clean, modern graphic designs
Costs: Free
Available on: iPad, Desktop
Who makes it: Vernon Southward

As a small business, we are always looking for ways to work faster and cheaper. Easely is primarily a Desktop app, but also available on your iPhone and iPad. The app that lets you create awesome designs using modern symbols and icons. It’s intuitive, clean, and simple – perfect for any start-up needing to create professional images fast.

I used the free version for the first several weeks, before deciding I liked the product so much I wanted to go premium. The paid version includes more symbols, images, and icons, but the free version has a good amount of options on its own.


Juxtaposer4. Juxtaposer
What it does: Overlays two images to create a unique, combined image
Costs: $2.99
Available on: iPhone, iPad
Who makes it: Pocket Pixels Inc.

No need to be a photography expert to master this app, which lets you combine two images in unique ways. After choosing two images, this intuitive app lets you erase parts of the top picture to create interesting “photomontages.”

IMG_7429I personally used it to create funny images of friends on various celebrity bodies – see above – but I’m sure there are much better ways to utilize it.

I got this app for free at a Starbucks, but I would happily pay for it.

Orange Harp5. OrangeHarp
What it does: Eco-friendly shopping app
Costs: Free
Available on: iPhone, iPad, Desktop
Who makes it: Orange Harp Inc.

The fashion industry has embraced technology for several reasons, including the access it gives to otherwise unlikely customers. For eco-friendly fashion, that means getting your name, story, and mission in front of buyers who want to know more about the clothes they buy.

Orange Harp makes it easier for both parties by show-casing eco-friendly products and brands. The beautifully designed app lets you browse various goods and the ethically conscious companies who make them – even featuring each brand’s mission right on the first screen. The Orange Harp team even features particular products based on holidays or price, making it easy for you to find gifts for anyone on your list.


What are your favorites?

Now that I’ve shared my top 5 apps for 2015, which apps are you most excited about this year?

Let us know in the comment section, or on our allcal Facebook or allcal Twitter pages.

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