Too Many Updates? We Have a Fix for That: Customized Notices

Toomanyupdates1In this time of hyper-connectivity, staying in the loop often means getting all the latest information. But just because the information is new, doesn’t mean its helpful to you.

That’s why the free calendar app Allcal lets its users turn notifications on/off for each individual calendar.

For anyone trying to manage a lot of things at once – your family calendar, work calendar, monthly dining club and weekly biking group calendar – this means less alerts about things you don’t need.

Decide what matters to you

Some calendars are really important. Like your family calendar. If you’re daughter’s dance recital gets changed – you want to know right away.

But other calendars, like your weekly biking group calendar, may not be as important. For example, just because Joe wants to start 10 minutes later, doesn’t mean you need a push notification sent straight to your phone.

With this in mind, we created the ability for you to turn off notices on a calendar-by-calendar basis. This unique feature allows people to not only decide what events matter to them, but also what organizations, groups, or family members need to be your top priority. That way you can get the notices that you need at the right time, without getting the updates you’re not interested in.

Notices in general are different from person to person depending on if you are the owner of the calendar or if you can only view the events on a calendar, and so on. To find out more about who gets what kind of notices, check out our frequently asked questions page.

If you want to know how to use our amazing new feature, download our allcal app and just follow the steps below.

How-to customize your notices

1. Go to your My Calendars screen.

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2. Tap on the desired calendar.

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3. Tap on the Calendar Settings button.

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4. Turn the Get Notices switch to the off position. You should see the switch turn from blue to white.

Customized notices allow each person to decide exactly which calendars and events are most important to them. By creating customized notices on a calendar-by-calendar basis, you give yourself full control of your schedule. You decide which aspects of your life need your immediate attention, and which parts can wait until you open the allcal calendar app – updated and ready to go.

For more information about how to set customized notices for each of your individual calendars, feel free to email us directly at

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