Team Connects Businesses to Allcal at IEDC

The Allcal Team introduced our free calendar and scheduling app to business and economy experts from around the world at the International Economic Development Council Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.


We showed the app to at least 100 economic leaders who traveled from all over to learn about how to strengthen business development in their cities. Many were impressed by our multi-platform app and it’s innovative features, particularly what it could mean for small businesses.

Why Small Businesses Need Allcal

Most small businesses do not have the time or the resources to invest in an advanced calendar system. They need something like allcal, which allows them to share and collaborate on calendars and events.

That means a manager trying to keep track of his or her employees can use allcal to create a shift schedule or make sure everyone knows about the next meeting. We even met a few publications at IEDC that could use the app to create a shared editorial schedule – something that our Marketing Team does to keep track of the posts on this very blog!

The app also lets businesses promote their goods with our Public Calendar database. That makes it easy for businesses to tell customers about sales or even throw events. The ability to not only tell the community about an event, but also keep the link alive, means businesses can always connect with its customers even if something changes last-minute.

Speaking of Last-Minute Changes…

IMG_6710One of the key problems with throwing a major event or conference, is how to effectively communicate with attendees. Even though schedules can be set weeks or months in advance, what happens when something changes last minute?

At IEDC, organizers had to cancel a morning session. To inform attendees, they posted a sign outside the Learning Lab, which happened to be directly in front of the allcal booth. We watched as a few attendees headed to the Learning Lab, then sulked away after reading the sign.

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This is a common problem for event organizers, since most calendar solutions only let you transfer information about events one time. So even though it’s easy to make sure attendees know when and where they need to be, it’s not so easy to make sure everyone gets updated information sent directly to their calendar.

But with allcal, the link stays alive. That means if there’s any change – such as a last-minute cancelation – everyone involved will know.

Plus – it’s FREE! 

As we explained at IEDC, we are currently looking for new users, as well as feedback on our product. By working closely with cities to help implement allcal, our team will learn more about what it takes to create a truly useful system. So businesses get a free scheduling solution and we get valuable input – it’s a win-win!

IMG_6713More Free Stuff!

As if a free app wasn’t enough, we even gave away a free iPad Air during the IEDC convention. By simply filling out a quick survey and dropping in their business cards, attendees were automatically entered to win the iPad.

The lucky winner was Sandy Jordan from the City of Bellmead. Congrats again, Sandy!

What’s Next?

Interested in learning more about allcal and how it can work for your business? Email us directly at

Or visit our website for more information!

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