How-To: Set Global Reminders for Events

The free allcal app makes planning and keeping track of events a breeze, with the ability to set reminders for yourself and all your attendees in one easy step. … Read More

How-To: Create Recurring Events

Daily meetings. Weekly baseball practices. Whatever it is, allcal’s recurring event feature lets you create a series of identical events in one easy step. … Read More

How-to: Manage Your Busy Schedule

Scheduling has never been easier. With the allcal app, your busy hectic schedule becomes organized and manageable. Here are some steps to set up your busy schedule on allcal. … Read More

How-to: Schedule Your Organization on allcal

Setting up a calendar for your church or organization has never been easier. With allcal, there are ways to supervise user permissions as well as develop and manage the church’s activities. To help, here are some steps to set your organization up on allcal. … Read More

Allcal User Manual

The Allcal User Manual gives you detailed step-by-step instructions of how to do everything on the free Allcal app. If you have any questions about our app, this is the place to find the answer. … Read More

Problems? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble getting started? Consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

How-to: Change User Permissions

When it comes to sharing your calendar, the allcal team knows that you want control of your events and calendars. With that in mind, we created four types of permissions. … Read More

How-to: Schedule Your Family with Allcal

Allcal is perfect for planning and keeping track of a family’s activities. By creating shared private calendars, family members will be able to simply open their allcal app and view all of the family’s activities. … Read More

Allcal Frequently Asked Questions

You downloaded the free calendar sharing app allcal – now what? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for help or open the FAQ in a new page. … Read More

How-to: Share your Personal Calendar

Every new user automatically has a Personal Calendar. Similar to other calendars, you can use it to keep track of your day. Unlike any other solution, you can easily share your calendar with your family and others who matter. … Read More