How To: Create a Public Calendar

Organizing people together shouldn’t be hard, even for public events. Luckily allcal makes that possible by letting users create and publish Public Calendars that everyone can see and download.
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Wait, My Calendar Can Talk? Yes it can with Calendar Chat.

With Version 1.3, you can send messages to friends and family directly on your shared calendar via the calendar chat feature. This makes it easier to organize events and make sure everyone is on the same page. … Read More

Wacky July Holidays

For those of you just looking for ways to slack off at work, the month of July has a holiday every day. Here is a guide on how to celebrate them. Good luck getting these past your boss. … Read More

12 Tips to Have an Awesome Summer

If you find yourself out of ideas this summer, then we have some fun ways to spend the summer. Check out these fifteen activities to do over the summer that may give you inspiration for something great this season. … Read More

6 Tips for Saving Time

These days it’s tough to manage time efficiently. To help all who struggle with time management – or those who simply love finding ways to save even more time – here are six easy-to-follow tips. … Read More

How Cowboys Shaped Fort Worth’s History

All it takes is one step into Fort Worth’s Historic Stockyards, and you’ll be transported to a time when cowboys literally ran the town. Although Fort Worth certainly has its share of modern, urban attractions, it’s untamed western heritage can be felt throughout the city. … Read More

A Better Way to Plan Your Day

When it comes to calendars and scheduling, most people are doing it wrong. But don’t worry, there is a solution – allcal. The free calendar app was founded with the goal to make scheduling and event-management better than ever. … Read More