How-to: Schedule Your Family with Allcal

FBpostFamilyAllcal is perfect for planning and keeping track of your family, especially if your clan tends to be all over the place!

Our innovative sharing solution lets family members quickly see what everyone has going on, confirm which parent is picking the kids up from school, and get notifications if there are any last-minute changes.

The free Allcal app works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Desktop, and keeps your schedule updated on every single device.

Scheduling for busy families

When you factor in the weekly music lessons, Saturday soccer tournaments, school projects, and friends’ birthday parties, you and your kids could easily have 20 or more events each week – and that’s just for one kid!

If you’re the loving parents of more than one child, then you really need an easy, reliable calendar solution. For Konstantin and his family, that solution was Allcal.

“Family life w/three kids is pretty busy. So its nice to have allcal.”

By creating shared private calendars, family members will be able to simply open their allcal app and view all of the family’s activities. For example, Dad can check his app and see exactly when her daughter Brianna and son Thomas have soccer practice or student council meetings. Spouses can even see when the other is free and add events directly to each other’s calendar.

Plus, if there is a change to any event on any calendar shared between the family, all users will receive a notice of the change. If Dad is not playing golf Saturday because of rain, he could change the event and the entire family will know.

Here’s a quick guide to schedule your family, but also feel free to email us at with any questions or problems you may have!

You have two options for setting up your family’s calendar.

1. Creating a Personal Calendar for each person, then sharing it with family

We recommend this option, especially for families with older children, because it prevents confusion about which event belongs to which family member.

Getting Started:

1. Get each family member to download the allcal app and create an account.
2. Each new user automatically has a Personal Calendar.
Allcal Hack: To make it easier to distinguish between each Personal Calendar, have each person rename his or her calendar to make it more identifiable, such as “Brenda’s Calendar.”
3. Open the Personal Calendar settings by tapping the three dots under the calendar name.
4. Tap on the Sharing option.
5. Enter the name or email of each family member to share the Personal Calendar.
6. Each shared user will receive a notice asking if they want to accept the calendar share. By tapping YES, the calendar will immediately be visible on their My Calendars screen.
Allcal Hack: One user can create these accounts and calendars for every person, then Transfer Ownership. This feature allows more tech-savvy family members to get their tech-challenged loved ones set up on allcal, then quickly give them control of their own calendar.

2. Creating a Shared Private Calendar for the entire family

This is a great option for families with small children or those who have one person in charge of everyone’s planning.

Getting Started:

1. Download the allcal app and create an account.
2. Create a Private Calendar by tapping the plus icon on the far right of the screen.
3. Name your calendar, add a description and a color.
Allcal Hack: Name your calendar something that’s easy for the whole family to understand, such as the “Davis Family Calendar”
4. Tap on the Sharing option.
5. Enter the email of each family member to share the Private Calendar. They will receive an email asking them to download the app and create an account.
6. The first time they log in, each family member will get a notice asking them to accept the shared Private Calendar. By tapping YES, the calendar will immediately be visible on their My Calendars screen. No all you have to do is start planning events!

More Info About Permissions:

By default, each person will receive View, Share and Add permissions on their individual family member’s Personal Calendars and the family’s shared Private Calendar. This allows them to see all the events, add new ones to their calendar and share the calendar and event with others.

For parents, we recommend adding Edit permissions to their kids’ calendar, so they are able to change the time, location or any other information about an event. You also have the option to give less permissions to some family members. For example, you may want Aunt Sue to be able to see your events, but don’t want her to be able to Add new events to your calendar.

You can make all these changes on the Sharing page in the Calendar Settings. For more information about what each permission means and how to properly schedule your family, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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