Party Planning Pointers

bestpartyplanningWhether it’s a birthday party or a small get together, hosts are often faced with complications and annoyances. For example, not getting enough food, spending too much money, having too many people show up, or having that one couple show up way too early.

To help make it all a little easier, here are some party planning pointers.

1. Keep a checklist
Say organized and keep track of all the things you’ve done by keeping a checklist. Here is a printable checklist from HGTV that keeps track of all your tasks – from a month in advance to just two-hours before the party starts.

2. Create a theme
A theme makes searching for party items – food, decorations, etc. – more straightforward, but it will also make for a fun party. The planning possibilities are endless. Some of our favorites include Safari Party, Retro Disco and American-themed parties (yes, it’s a thing in other countries and it’s HILARIOUS).

3. Establish a budget and don’t break it
A budget involves everything from food to entertainment to general supplies. Keep the food simple. For example, instead of having a New York Strip steak, make fajitas. If you plan to have alcohol at your party, remember it can get expensive. For cheap entertainment think music, games or particularly animated friends!

4.  Start cleaning!
The week before your party, clean a room each day. If you succeed, you won’t be scrambling to scrub floors by the time the party rolls around.

 5. Copy & paste
We all know every single guest will ask a hundred times how to get to your place, even though the address is CLEARLY displayed on the allcal event you sent them weeks ago. But to make the process go quickly, type a detailed explanation into the Notes section of your phone. Then you can just copy and paste the info to anyone who asks. With allcal, you can even put the information in our chat section.

6. Drink station upkeep
It’s where guests can be found pouring drinks, throwing in ice and mixing concoctions. The drink station is the arguably the most fun spot at a party, but can easily become the messiest! Keep everyone happy by providing a clean drink station.

 7. Keep track of cups
People always seem to lose their cups at parties and have to get a new one which creates a bigger mess (or just steal someone else’s drink – ew). To avoid this problem leave out a few permanent markers by the cups, and a sign asking guests to put their name and initials on their drink.

8. Create a music playlist for the party
Depending on what kind of party you are having, pick music to set the mood. Keep in mind if your guests like to play board games (folk), eat stinky cheese (classical) or wear headbands (EDM). Making a playlist ahead of time means you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

9. Keep guests informed
You need a way to make sure every guest is on the same page. Allcal not only helps you share the event, but keeps your friends updated with the latest information, like needing to push the dinner party from 7 to 8. No more texts, no more phone calls – no more people showing up early and catching you in your robe and face mask.

10. Don’t forget to have fun
If you’re tense then your guests will be too. So don’t forget to relax and have fun. After all, it’s a party. So PARTY!

To get started party planning, download the free allcal app now. Already a member? Head to our web app right from your computer to see all your calendars and events.

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