New Recurring Feature Lets You Change One Event

FullSizeRenderYou have a meeting every Friday morning, a standing lunch date every other Saturday, and your kid’s soccer practice every Wednesday evening – but that doesn’t mean things don’t change.

Allcal already has an advanced recurring events feature that lets you create events occurring every day, week, or year, but our latest update takes recurring events to the next level.

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With the shared calendar app’s latest update, you can change one event in a series of recurring events. For instance, if you always have basketball practice every Thursday at 7 p.m., but one practice will start an hour earlier, you can change this one event without affecting the series of events. The changed event will maintain all the other information, including the list of people who were invited to the event.

For allcal users, this is especially powerful. Since all our calendars and events are connected, there’s no need to notify friends or family of the change – they’ll see the changed event directly on their calendar.

Keep reading for tips on how to change one event in a series of recurring events, or email us at for direct questions about the iPhone, iPad, or Desktop app.

Getting Started

1. Set up your event like normal and make sure it is a recurring event. To find out how to make a recurring event, go to our how-to blog post. You should see the event repeat in your calendar the way you set it up to repeat.

2. Open the event that you want to make different from the rest.

3. Tap the three little dots on the right side of the event across from the event name.

4. Tap Edit.recurring events feature

5. Select Only this in the pop-up dialog box. This is a part of the new feature and you can also change every occurrence of the event instead of just a single event.

6. Change the part of the event that you would like to change.

7. Tap save in the right side of the event menu across from the event time to save all your changes.

To check out the new version, open the allcal app on your iPhone or iPad – or if you’re on your laptop – on the Desktop App.

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