Google Calendar vs Allcal

BLOG 2_Google Calendar vs AllcalA lot of people know about Google and their calendar solution, Google Calendar.

What they don’t know is that the free scheduling solution Allcal fits more of their scheduling needs and offers more functions and custom options than Google Calendar.

Download the free event planning app Allcal on your iPhone or get it on your Android

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a closer look at the differences between Allcal and Google Calendar.

First Round: Cost and Availability

Cost: The number one issue on everybody’s minds is the cost difference between these two scheduling solutions. Allcal is completely and totally free. That means the application is free to use, has no in-app purchases, and absolutely no ads. Google Calendar is also as free as the wind, but iPhone users won’t be able to use Google Calendar.

Availability: Google Calendar has an Android app and is available to use on any computer, but Google Calendar does not have an iPhone or iPad app. So those of us with iPhones will just have to deal with never seeing our schedules unless we can drag our computers with us wherever we go.

Allcal is available on all platforms – iPhone, iPad, Android (beta) and Desktop.

Even though both solutions are free, Allcal is available on most if not all platforms while Google Calendar is not, so the winner of this round: Allcal!

Second Round: Event Sharing and Event ETA

Event Sharing: Allcal and Google Calendar both have the ability to share whole calendars with other people so those users can see all of your events on that calendar.

Google calendar details


Google Calendar only allows you to invite users to your event, but does not have an event sharing feature. For those wondering about the difference, an “event invite” is a one-time transfer that gives another user one-way access to an event.

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An “event share” is a continuous connection that allows both users to then put the event on their own calendar or share with someone else. Allcal lets users share individual events by creating a link between the user, the event, and its originating calendar.

Event Invitation

With event location, Google Calendar offers the ability to add a location to an event which is helpful, but Allcal takes it a step further and allows users to view where the location is on a map.

Google location feature:

google location

Allcal location feature:

allcal map

Allcal ETA:

Allcal also includes advanced geo-location features, that let you see how far away your friends and family are from each event. So instead of wondering when someone is going to show up at the restaurant, you can quickly see they are just a few minutes away.

allcal ETA

As a legacy system, Google Calendar would never be able to offer these sorts of innovative, real-time features.

Since Allcal has more features such as event sharing and event ETA, the second round goes to…Allcal!

Final Round: Customizability and Design

Customizability: Google Calendar lets you customize an event to fit your specific needs such as creating repeating or all-day events. Google Calendar also lets you set certain colors and notifications for the events.

google event details

Allcal has all of those features, so in terms of customizability, it’s a tie between these two scheduling systems.

create an event web app
create an event2 web app


Design: Google Calendar is designed the same way as other Google based applications. They kept simplicity in mind and focused on the calendar itself instead of the actual events on the calendar.

google calendar view


Allcal, on the other hand, includes the calendar view but keeps the focus on the actual events by showing upcoming events in list form.

allcal calendar view


Allcal also includes the ability to add pictures to calendars and individual events; Google Calendar doesn’t allow for that design feature.

All in all for design and customizability, Allcal wins because even though Google Calendar and Allcal tied in customizability, Allcal’s event focused design won against Google Calendar’s confusing calendar view.

The Results Are In!

Allcal won first place in all three categories making it the best scheduling solution that fits all of your needs. And I know what you’re thinking – of course Allcal is the winner!

But here’s the truth – even though our team works for one side, our arguments are not one-sided. Check out our sources below:

Google Calendar
Google Android App

Don’t believe us? Go to our website for more information on our web and mobile scheduling solution, Allcal.

About Allcal:

calendar and event scheduling app that will change the way groups organize. The free app lets friends, family, organizations, coworkers, and teams collaborate and coordinate schedules instantly. The app even sends real-time notifications to everyone in the group of any last-minute changes – so every member stays up to date.

Questions? Feedback? Email us at, or connect on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Download the Allcal app for free on your iPhone
Download the Allcal app for free on your Android
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