How-to: Get Your Sports Team on Allcal

FBpostSportsManaging and scheduling a sports team is tough, with dozens of events each season and a huge list of people who need the latest information. Luckily Allcal’s app for SOCIAL PLANNING™ can make keeping everyone on the same page easier than ever.

Download the free iPhone or iPad app here

By creating an Allcal calendar, parents and team members will be able to keep track of all the team’s practices, scrimmages, games, and tournaments right on their phones.

Keep everyone updated

The calendar works in real-time, so any changes get automatically updated on every single person’s calendar. Instead of calling or texting each parent to let them know a practice or game has been moved, the coach can simply make the change on his or her own phone.

Every parent will get the new information, as well as a push notification that makes sure they know about the change.

Share with everyone

Parents can even use Allcal to share information about each game with their family members and friends.

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By simply linking the event to a shared family calendar, or sharing the event directly, parents can feel confident that everyone invited to the game will get the last-minute change as well. No more calling and mass-texting your entire family, every time the volleyball court gets changed – its so easy that even Grandma and Grandpa can simply look at their phone and see the latest information.

Download the free iPhone or iPad app here

For help getting started, check out our guide below or contact the Allcal team directly at We’d be happy to get you set up – it only takes a few minutes!

How-to: Get Your Sports Team on Allcal

Create a team calendar

1. Tap on the Main Menu in the top left corner of the My Calendar screen.

2. Tap on Add calendar to create a new calendar.

3. Enter the calendar name, description, and decide if you want to make the calendar Private or Public. Tap Save when you’re done.

Landing Page_Lions Calendar_1

Share the calendar with your team

1. Open the Calendar Settings by tapping the three dots at the right of the screen

2. Tap the Calendar Sharing section.

3. Enter the name or email addresses of each team member and parent to share the calendar.

Each shared user will receive a notice asking if they want to accept the calendar share. By tapping YES, the calendar will immediately be visible on their My Calendars screen.

Now everyone on the calendar will be able to see all the events, receive updates, and get reminders sent straight to their phone

Collaborate with others

Allcal makes it easy to allow other people to add, edit, and collaborate on your team schedule with customizable permissions.

1. Open the Calendar Settings by tapping the three dots at the right of the screen

2. Tap the Calendar Sharing section.

3. Tap each of the four permissions – View, Add, Edit, Share – to give each person their customized permissions.

For more help about what each permission means and how to pick the perfect combination for your group, go to our User Manual.

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