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Allcal Releases Biggest Update Yet

The Allcal Team is thrilled to announce our app’s latest version is ready, and it’s BIG…so big that it needed a new number. Version 2.0 includes RSVP, ETA, a brand new design, event cover photos and MORE! … Read More

Team Connects Businesses to Allcal at IEDC

The Allcal Team showed the app to at least 100 economic leaders who traveled from all over to learn about how to strengthen business development in their cities. They learned about our multi-platform app and it’s innovative features, particularly what it could mean for small businesses. … Read More

Update Debuts Calendar Cover Photos

You’re a unique person. You celebrate your individuality. You don’t want to be like anyone else.
That’s why the Allcal Team decided to add a customizable photo to every single calendar, even your personal calendar. … Read More

The Allcal Team Tackles TML

The Allcal Team headed south to show off our free calendar app at the Texas Municipal League Conference in Houston. The 3-day-long trade show gave us plenty of opportunities to introduce our app to new users, particularly local municipalities that are looking for a better way to schedule their cities. … Read More

New Record Set at North Texas Giving Day

While online donations soared to a record-breaking number, people across Dallas-Fort Worth celebrated North Texas Giving Day with local events featuring food trucks, live entertainment, and more. … Read More

Strike a Pose! Allcal Now Lets You Share Pictures

Our latest update, Version 1.4.5, is all about making calendars more fun thanks to the ability to share pictures directly on your calendar. With this new feature, you can keep track of all your events and all the cool pictures you take at them, all in one app! … Read More

North Texas Giving Day Preview

Organizations across the Dallas-Fort Worth are getting ready for North Texas Giving Day – an online fundraiser that raises millions for local non-profits and charities. … Read More

World Cup 2014 Update

Germany, Brazil, The Netherlands and Argentina are the last teams standing in the 2014 World Cup tournament. … Read More

KNOCKOUT STAGE – World Cup 2014

The group stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil could not have been any more exciting. Now, despite missing several large players, the knockout stage is set to be just as exciting. … Read More

Manage Your Group with Version 1.2 – Available Now!

The allcal team is thrilled to introduce version 1.2 of our shared calendar app! This update includes reminders, duplicating events, linking events, multi-day events, recurring events and MORE. … Read More