Allcal Organizes Fiji Islander Events at UNT

“One of the biggest challenges in greek life is working with 60+ people’s busy schedules. Allcal is great for communicating times and dates to the masses instantly.”

– Michael, Fraternity President


Fiji IslanderComing off the highly successful campaign of sponsoring UT Roundup and the ‘Not On My Campus’ initiative in Austin, TX, allcal recently undertook organizing more Greek life events – this time at the University of North Texas in Denton.

These events are known as Fiji Islander. Fiji Islander has continued its young history of fun-filled events and this year was no different. Phi Gamma Delta, along with other supporting companies, hosted several events last week on UNT campus in order to spread awareness and raise money for the United Services Organizations.

Some of the events they hosted included a coach auction, pie a Fiji, field games, and a concert featuring the Ying Yang Twins to top it all off! As if paying $1 to pie someone in the face wasn’t already cool enough.

Lucas Pie
Lucas, Allcal Marketing Intern, Getting Pie’d in the Face


Fortunately members of the Allcal Team were able to jump in on the fun!

Ditching their previous way of organizing events, these fraternities and sororities enlisted the help of the allcal team to schedule their events, share them with others and spread the word about their charitable causes more effectively with the help of our app.

Pie A Fiji Table

Are you experiencing event planning envy yet? Don’t worry, our app can be used by any and every one, no matter how big or small your group, company or organization. Here’s how we made it work for Fiji Islander.

How We Made It Work

The allcal team started by creating a public calendar for Fiji Islander and Phi Gamma Delta made a separate private calendar for their events. Both parties created events in our respective calendars and then Phi Gamma Delta linked all of their public events to the official UNT Fiji Islander Calendar so people outside of their organization would be able to search for the calendar and be made aware of all the events that were taking place.

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After all of the events were linked, the allcal team then transferred the ownership of the UNT Fiji Calendar to the president of Phi Gamma Delta. A short, simple solution to an otherwise complex problem.

Ying Yang Twins Event

As a bonus, the allcal team even made promo cards to hand out to all the people who participated in Fiji Islander to make them aware of upcoming events, including the grand finale of the Ying Yang Twins concert Friday night. We take pride in helping every organization or company that we work with meet its goals. Upon request we can do the same for your group, plus much more!


Organization Leads to Fun

A few of our allcal team members even had the chance to attend some of the Fiji Islander events and witness Greek life in action. Below are just some of the exciting and hilarious photos taken from 2015’s Fiji Islander events at UNT. Check them out!

Fiji LimboHow low can you go?

Hoola Hoop Race
The sweet taste of victory

Tug of War
There can be only one!

Fiji Ice Bath
Ice Bath

You Could Be Next

Pretty exhilarating right?! If creating time to have fun by being organized excites you as much as it does us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Feel free to tweet, tag or post your comments on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts and we’ll be sure to get back with you shortly. Additionally, you can follow other events we’ve attended or participated in by checking out our blog and for any questions you can email us directly at

All Calendars, LLC is committed to supporting groups that want to expand their outreach, strengthen their community, and support causes they believe in.

If you or your organization have a community event you’d like us to sponsor, contact us at

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