Allcal Helps Texas Students Organize Round Up 2015

Young woman music festival blonde phone_SMALL EDITWhether you’re hosting a movie night, having a chapter meeting, or throwing a huge Round Up event, fraternities and sororities need an easy way to get everyone on the same page – fast.

That’s why Allcal was the official calendar for Round Up 2015 in Austin, Texas.

Download the free event planning app Allcal on your iPhone or get it on your Android

Our calendars featured three days of greek events, parties, and concerts that benefit each fraternity and sorority’s philanthropic causes. It was a complicated event to manage, especially since many different organizers were involved.

Luckily, Allcal’s SOCIAL PLANNING™ solution is perfect for this type of situation.

Managing a Complicated 3-Day Event

Round Up was particularly difficult to manage, because it was a 3-day event, with 60+ different concerts, cookouts, and parties – all run by 30+ different organizations.

So how could each of these groups share information about their event with all ticket-holders, while maintaining the ability to make any necessary last-minute changes?

Allcal had a solution.

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Each fraternity and sorority created its own calendar and added the individual events they were throwing that weekend. Then they linked each event to one massive Public Calendar, so ticket-holders could get all the events in one place.

Every event was placed on the main Round Up Weekend calendar, and even color-coded to match the fraternity or sorority that was throwing it.

2,500+ Students in Just Three Days

With Allcal, students could share the entire schedule in a manner of seconds. In just three simple steps, the entire community had the 3-day schedule on their phones.

Students could simply download the free Allcal app on their iPhone or Android smartphone, go to the Public Calendars section, and search for “Round Up.”

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Then students could either add individual events to their private calendars, or get the entire list of events by adding the whole Round Up Weekend calendar. Adding the entire calendar meant they got any important update, including a last-minute time or location change, right in the Allcal notices center.

Beyond Round Up 2015

Allcal can be used for a public or private event of any size, including weekly meetings, study sessions, or social events with other groups at your school.

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Fraternities, sororities, and other college organizations don’t have to wait until their big, annual philanthropic event to take advantage of the free app. You can use it to plan chapter meetings within the sorority or fraternity, or dinner plans with your little.

Whatever the occasion, Allcal can help you make it as huge and viral, or as small and private as  you want. It’s easy to get started – just download the free app and start sharing!

About Allcal:
calendar and event scheduling app that will change the way groups organize. The free app lets friends, family, organizations, coworkers, and teams collaborate and coordinate schedules instantly. The app even sends real-time notifications to everyone in the group of any last-minute changes – so every member stays up to date.

Questions? Feedback? Email us at, or connect on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Download the Allcal app for free on your iPhone
Download the Allcal app for free on your Android
Learn more about Allcal – Shared Calendar for SOCIAL PLANNING ™

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