Allcal Debuts Powerful Week and Month View

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You asked – we delivered!

After a ton of great feedback from our early adopters, we decided to add a new month view and week view to our innovative calendar app.

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The new look, which became available for iPhone and iPad this week on the Apple App Store, was initially something we thought the app didn’t need right away.

We wanted to focus on making events as interactive and collaborative as possible, instead of just giving you a regular old calendar. We wanted to create an app that made it easy to plan events, vacations, and meetings with coworkers, family, or friends.

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But our early adopters were right (as they usually are).

You need a month view to easily plan out your schedule, and quickly figure out how busy you are each day, week, and month. Plus, the ability to see the entire month at once, and jump from day-to-day, is very powerful.

So to everyone who gave us feedback – thank you! The app is already so much better thanks to you.

How To Get Month and Week View

1. Go to the My Calendars section of the app.

the my calendars section

2. Open the calendar where you would like to see the month view.

personal calendar view

3. Tap on the Calendar icon next to the calendar’s name. It should automatically pull up the week view first.

month view icon

4. Tap on the down arrow in the calendar to display the month view.

month view button

5. Swipe left or right to see what you have going on each month. Go to a specific day by tapping the date.

month view calendar


You can even look at all your events, from every single calendar using our All Events view.

What’s Next?

You tell us! Email our team anytime with questions, concerns and feedback. Your opinions are highly valued and a huge part of how the app evolves.

Send a message to or say hi on Facebook or Twitter. We guarantee someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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