5 Exotic Winter Vacation Spots

Winter travel is often holiday-related and filled with trips to your Great Aunt Millie’s house in Nowhere, USA. But what if this year was different? What if this year was the year you tried out some exotic winter vacation spots instead?

Not possible, you say? If you keep reading we’ll do our best to convince you otherwise. Or at least give you some exotic winter vacation spots to daydream about while you’re stuck in your office looking at all the chilly grey-ness outside your window – if you’re lucky enough to have a window that is!

1. Turks and Caicos Islands

turks and caicos

Our first winter vacation destination is the warm and quiet Turks and Caicos Islands. This serene getaway is exactly what you need to escape the frigid cold temperatures during the winter.

Admire the natural scenery and wildlife that thrive on the islands by going bird or whale watching. Spend your days basking on the many warm beaches such as the award-winning Grace Bay beach in Providenciales or Bambarra beach in Middle Caicos.

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Along with its natural beauty, this cluster of islands includes several activities: horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more. Consider visiting important landmarks like the Grand Turk Lighthouse and the Caicos Caves. Melt away the cold winter by visiting the Turks and Caicos islands.

2. Portland, Oregon


Of all the places to go during the winter, why not delve deep into the frosty experience and travel over to Portland, Oregon?

The chilly temperatures during the winter are perfect for enjoying the snow — which Portland gets a lot of it. Mt. Hood, just about 90 minutes away from downtown, flaunts some of the best skiing and snowboarding trails available. One of the ski companies that operates on Mt. Hood, Timberline (pictured above), is a national historic landmark.

You can also enjoy winter vacation in Portland by attending local events such as the Portland Jazz Festival or ChocolateFest. Keep away the cold and keep up your adrenaline rush in Portland, Oregon.

3. Miami, Florida


Miami is a great place to be this season. With its pleasant climate, Miami is a hotspot for non stop partygoers that don’t want to cool down just because it’s winter.

Enjoy exciting places like the newly restored Ball & Chain nightclub on 8th street, or any of the other numerous nightclubs/bars in Miami. You can also attend any number of concerts in Miami including the Life in Color Festival at the Sunlife stadium from December 26 to December 27, 2014.

4. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

gold coast

The northern hemisphere experiences winter somewhere between the months of November-March. However, the opposite is the case for areas in the southern hemisphere.

Places like Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia get their best summer weather from November to March. It’s also a great time to go surfing on the Currumbin or Kirra beaches, try skydiving with Gold Coast Skydive, or even ride a water powered JET Pack, Bike, or Board with Jetpack Flyboard Adventures.

5. Antarctica


Encounter winter at its fullest by visiting Antarctica this winter break. Get really close to (while being respectful of) the wildlife such as several different species of penguins and sea lions.

Cruises down to Antarctica can get a little expensive, but it’s worth it to get a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you in a state of wonder and wishing you had brought that large parka! Take a dip in Deception Bay whose waters are kept warm by the active volcano in the cold landscape.

So what are you waiting for?

Already ready to plan your next winter vacation trip? We don’t blame  you. Cancel your plans with Great Aunt Millie, and book a flight to one of these five exotic travel spots instead!

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If you make it to one of these amazing destinations, don’t forget to take a picture and share it with us on our Facebook or Twitter page! We’ll love you for it – and promise to be only a little bit jealous!

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