5 Best Thanksgiving Party Pics

Now that we’ve all had time to recover from stuffing our faces during Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, it’s time to take a look at pictures of the best turkey, stuffing, and cranberry-stuffed parties¬†from this year! These just might inspire you to throw your own Thanksgiving party next year.

1. International students get a taste of a real American Thanksgiving at Ohio State University – for free!


2. Actress and Honest Company Co-Founder Jessica Alba showed off her cooking skills with a delicious spread made with only the best ingredients (we’re assuming).

The Honest Blog
The Honest Blog

3. But Ludacris really put us all to shame with his Thanksgiving Day spread…

Ludacris Thanksgiving
Huffington Post

4. Although a part of me still wishes I had got to hang with this Chicago Foodie for Thanksgiving!

Rich Jones via Instagram
Rich Jones via Instagram

5. And then there are these little fur balls from the Brookfield Zoo – stealing your Thanksgiving meal and hearts all at once!

Lemurs at Brookfield Zoo


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