You’re Invited: Allcal’s New RSVP and Event Tools Are Here

Allcal is all about solving problems.

We’ve spent the last year improving our free SOCIAL PLANNING™ tool’s features, design, and user experience. We continue to research new solutions and listen to our early adopters about what you need to make planning events fast, easy, and social.

One of the biggest problems we’ve been trying to solve is the frustration of RSVP.

The whole notion of this ‘Yes, No, Maybe’ system is one that has aggravated event organizers and confused attendees forever. For example, organizers often deal with the “aspirational R.S.V.P.” which New York Times writer Henry Alford calls a “vote of confidence built on rickety scaffolding.” This lack of commitment can even lead to “RSVP Rage” – something that the Boston Globe’s Beth Teitell says is getting worse.

But here’s some good news! Allcal’s newest update will start to make the whole process a little bit better.

IMG_9405Introducing Version 2.2 – Available Now!

This update – available now for iPhone, iPad, and Desktop – includes tons of new features, all aiming to help friends, businesses, and organizations plan events.

Download Free Allcal Social Planning App

First up, allcal’s new advanced RSVP feature. Our RSVP is different because it not only lets users say if they’re coming, but also lets organizers check which people are attending, meaning they have better control over their invite list.

Next, grouping lets users can see who’s on the list, broken down into calendars.

Finally, our improved location and mapping features make it even easier for people to figure out an event’s location and how long it’ll take them to get there. This ETA feature is key for attendees and organizers trying to improve their big event.

Keep reading for details about how each new feature works, and examples of how you can use it to plan an event of any size.

 Set RSVP Status

Attending family game night? Now you can set your RSVP status so your Uncle John knows exactly how many people to plan for and how much food to prepare.rsvpfinal

For all those procrastinators who don’t automatically respond to RSVP requests (shame on you), then Uncle John has the ability to request your RSVP status so that you can respond in a timely fashion and it will give him an accurate headcount of who’s going to show up.

But allcal goes one step further.

Our social planning app lets Uncle John set your RSVP for you. This means event organizers who already have an idea who’s coming can start building their invite list immediately.statusf

Plus, anyone using our app to organize projects or manage employee schedules can use the RSVP feature to assign specific tasks to specific people on the schedule.

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With better ways to monitor an event’s RSVP list, there will no longer be a shortage of chips or people fighting over the last cup of punch. Except maybe for crazy Aunt Betsy…she’s really into anime.

Groups of Users

The allcal team believes a calendar is more than a schedule of events. We believe it represents a group of people who are connected by something they love.

For example, music lovers are connected by their passion for big concerts and live performances. But one big group, such as a concert crowd, can actually be made up of a bunch of small friend groups. Typically people find information about performances and shows on an artist’s website, then texts or calls their friends to make plans.

With allcal, you can do it all in one app.

The grouping feature lets you see all the events from your favorite artist’s calendar, share them with your friends, then see exactly who’s coming.

Wordpress image

Allcal’s social tools make it easy for friends to share events like concerts with their friends, keep track of who’s coming, while also staying connected to other fans.

PS. Don’t forget to RSVP!

Location, Location, Location!

Allcal revamps its mapping tool in Version 2.2 to make it even easier for users to get to their event on time.

Attendees can see where an event will take place, plus how long it’ll take them to get there – either by car or by foot.

New Location


This geolocation feature also helps people throwing the events.

An hour before each event, you’ll be able to see how far your friends and family are away from your event. Anyone who’s ever thrown a birthday party, planned a group dinner, or organized a book club knows this information is priceless.

It will help you determine when to start icing the cake, and whether to hold the toast for that perpetually-late friend.

It’s Your Turn

Go to the Apple App Store to download the latest version of allcal’s social planning app

Then let us know what you think! This is just Phase 1 of our plans to build amazing RSVP and event tools, and we need your feedback to make them better than anything else on the market.

We take user feedback very seriously, so any comments, thoughts, problems, or suggestions are greatly welcome. Email us directly at or say hi on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram – we guarantee someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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