Top 5 Tech Products for 2015

It shouldn’t surprise you that most of our team members are tech geeks and have high interest in tech products.

We always want to know what the latest innovation is in various industries, especially when they’re poised to change people’s day-to-day lives. After all, our free calendar app and scheduling solution aims to do just that!

We’re even working on an allcal app for the upcoming Apple Watch, which would take scheduling and getting from day-to-day appointments to the next level.

But enough about us – below are 5 other game-changing technologies for tech products that you can expect to see a lot more of in 2015.

1. Next-level Panorama

Forget the iPhone Panorama.. the Panono 360 will take several tiny pics of everything around you, creating an unbelievably cool image.

Panono 360

I’ll let the company explain how it works

“The Panono creates a stunning, full 360° x 360° panorama in a single shot. All you have to do is throw it straight up in the air. The Panono can save up to 400 shots. You can then transfer them to your computer via USB or WiFi. Your Panono Cloud automatically stitches the individual images of your shot together to form a seamless panorama.”

It’s not available yet – unfortunately for the people on my Christmas shopping list. But you can order it now and be one of the first to get one in Spring 2015!

PS. The product even stopped in Dallas recently to grab a shot of one our hometown legends – Dirk Nowitzki! Click here to see it for yourself.

2. Never Be Locked Out Again

Goji Smart Lock

As someone who recently sat outside our office for 45 minutes after locking herself out, the Goji Smart Lock is so on my wish list for new tech products.

The awesome product is, “…the first electronic deadbolt to provide an unprecedented level of home-access control and information—including picture alerts—via smart phones so that homeowners feel more confident and secure about who is coming and going from their homes. The Goji Smart Lock is the only lock that has a built-in camera to send homeowners real-time picture alerts via text and email to give them visual confirmation of who is activating their lock.”

This one is also not available yet — keep an eye out for it in April 2015. Pre-order here.

3. A Revolutionary Power Source

Now I love new gadgets as much as the next guy (or gal..I’m a gal)..but what I REALLY love are new technologies that literally change the world for the better. This is one of those products.

WakaWaka Power

“The WakaWaka Power+ is a durable, lightweight and compact solar powered charger and light. After a day in the sun its capable of charging virtually any type of smartphone or small electronic device within just a few hours and providing up to 150 hours of safe, sustainable light.”

Their main goal is to help solve “power poverty,” and the company is already doing a pretty great job at it.

The website says, “…our products help make families self-sufficient, sustainable and safe. Solutions that fulfill basic needs, that work properly and keep on working. Solutions that are sustainable and affordable for families living on approximately $2/day.”

Bravo, WakaWaka. Bravo.

4. The Future of Elderly Care

AnyTV Companion

It may seem new tech products are all about the young, Instagram-happy crowd. But the truth is no one has the potential to benefit more than Grandma and Grandpa.

The company Independa agrees, and has created a care system that takes advantage of everything cloud-based software has to offer.

In their own words…”Angela offers a fun and inviting antidote to the number one issue for the elderly looking to remain independent: social isolation.”

The software features the medical basics like appointment and medication reminders, but also addresses social isolation with easy-to-use video chat, games, and opportunities for community engagement.


5. Wearable Baby Tech

One company hopes its wearable baby monitor will take the guesswork out of parenting – well some of it at least.


Sproutling is, “the world’s first sensing, learning, predicting baby monitor. A wearable band for your baby, a smart charger and a mobile app work together to not only monitor more effectively but learn and predict your baby’s sleep habits and optimal sleep conditions.”

The product has a really cool and safe design, as well as accessories like a cordless charging system and an app to read all the data.

Now I know this isn’t the tech product for every mom and dad-to-be (Ron Swanson-types need not apply)…but if you’re interested you can pre-order here. The first Sproutlings are expected to ship in March 2015.


Unfortunately most of the above tech products aren’t available yet, but ours is! Head to the Apple App Store to download our FREE app now. You can also get the app for Android in the Google Play Store or register online through our web app.

If you have any questions about the app or need help getting started, email us at

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