Say Hi, Share Info, and Make Memories with Event Chat

Allcal’s new event chat feature lets you and your friends, coworkers, and family stay connected by chatting on shared events. … Read More

Plan a Summer Party with Allcal

Planning a party is hard.

Allcal can make it a little bit easier with our advanced RSVP and ETA tools. Use our app to let everyone know about your event in one place, keep track of who says they’re coming, then know when to expect everyone with our unique ETA feature. … Read More

You’re Invited: Allcal’s New RSVP and Event Tools Are Here

Allcal is all about solving problems. One of the biggest problems we’ve been trying to solve is the frustration of RSVP. It’s tough to plan and organize events, no matter the size, and getting people to say whether they’re coming is a key issue. Luckily our latest update hopes to help fix that, thanks to advanced RSVP and ETA features – available now on Version 2.2! … Read More

Women Rule at Weekend-Long Startup Workshop in Dallas

Last weekend, the Allcal team went to Dallas Startup Week: Women’s Edition. We met lots of people and heard about some exciting new business opportunities. … Read More

Startups Shine at Collision Conference in Vegas

After being chosen to exhibit at the inaugural Collision Conference in Downtown Las Vegas May 5-6 the Allcal Team spent two days pitching, showing off our unique scheduling app and bragging about how we’re going to kill Google Calendar. … Read More

5 Apps for Getting Through Finals Week

Sleepless nights, cram sessions, hunger pains, and glossy eyes…these are conditions that every college student has experienced in regards to preparing for finals. Finals week can be rough for anyone, but with modern technology there are a ton of apps at your disposal. These featured apps make taking finals a breeze. … Read More

How-To Invite Hundreds to Your Next Big Event

So you’re throwing a massive event – good for you! Allcal already makes it super easy to create events and share them with others, but what if you need to invite dozens, or even hundreds of people at once? Our … Read More

Update Debuts Better Way to See All of Your Events

A calendar for every part of your life is great – but what do you do when you just want to manage all your work schedules, or see what all your kids are up to? Our new All Events feature let’s you see all the calendars and events that matter to you in one view, without switching from calendar to calendar. … Read More

iCal vs Allcal

iCal may be convenient – after all, it’s already sitting right on your iPhone homepage! But the calendar app is seriously lacking when it comes to features you need to schedule and manage your events. What features exactly? We broke down the differences in our blog. … Read More

Allcal Sponsors ‘Not On My Campus’ Campaign at University of Texas

The Allcal Team is proud to support a brave, ground-breaking movement at the University of Texas against sexual assault and other types of gender violence during this year’s Round Up events. … Read More