How-To: Set Global Reminders for Events

When it comes to getting people together, any party-host, event-planner, or secretary will tell you it takes a lot to get the right people in the same room at the same time.

That’s why our free calendar app lets you set global reminders for individual events, and send them to everyone on your list at once.

This useful feature helps you make sure that everybody remembers your event, meeting, or party – and no longer can say the event invitation simply got lost in an email inbox!

How-to: Set a Global Event Reminder

1. Create an event by tapping the Add Event icon in the far right corner of the calendar.
2. Enter the event name, description and other important information such as location and time.
3. Tap Event Reminder to set a reminder that goes to everyone on the event.

That’s it! Now every person who accepts the event invitation through allcal – or is shared on that allcal calendar – will automatically get a reminder sent to their phone.

If your attendees want their own reminder – maybe 1 hour before, instead of the 30 minutes you set – they can also set a Personal Reminder that will just go to them.

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