Keep Fans Updated With Your Own Public Calendar

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could instantly share your venue, restaurant, or organization’s calendar of events with all your fans? Wouldn’t it be even better if the calendar stayed updated in real-time?

Allcal can make that happen.

Download Allcal from the Apple App Store

By creating an Allcal Public Calendar, you can instantly update all your fans of any new events, or last-minute changes.

Fort Worth Opera uses the app to communicate effectively with its many fans. Holland Sanders, Fort Worth Opera’s Director of Marketing and Communications, says Allcal keeps ticket-holders updated before and during each performance.

“From curtain delays caused by weather and  real time fun facts delivered straight to our audience member’s phones, AllCal will add a new level of interaction for Fort Worth Opera to our valued attendees.” 

You can try it out right now by downloading the free Allcal app and creating your own Public Calendar. Add some upcoming events – then start sharing!

How do I share my Public Calendar?

It’s easy!

Simply tell your fans to download the Allcal app and search for your Public Calendar.

Dallas_Public Calendar Search_Hotel Magazine

Then they can choose to add the entire calendar to get updates on all upcoming events, or just a few of the events they may want to attend.

Unlike other calendar-sharing tools, your fans will instantly get updates about any events they link to their calendar.

What makes Allcal different?

Right now events are always copies. If someone copies an event from your website calendar to their own calendar, the link is broken.

Allcal is unique because it creates a living link to your event, meaning any changes you make on your smartphone or desktop computer will instantly update on all your fans’ calendars.

They’ll even get a pop-up notifying them of the change.

OC_Change Event Notice_Hotel Magazine

Plus, Allcal has a lot of social elements that can help keep your fans engaged before, during, and even after your events.

What does it cost?

Allcal is a free calendar-sharing platform so there’s no cost to set up and share a Public Calendar for you or your fans.

And for a limited time, new venues and organizations looking to transfer their calendar over to Allcal will get a complimentary hour of set-up from the Allcal Team.

Email before December 31, 2015 and we’ll build your entire Public Calendar for free.

How do I get started?

Simply download the Allcal app on your iPhone or iPad, or create a free account on our Desktop app

Create your Public Calendar, add some upcoming events, then start sharing! There’s no limit to how many people can follow your calendar, and any changes you make will instantly be updated on all of their devices.

For more help, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also contact our team directly at, or by reaching out on Facebook or Twitter.

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