Host a Pop-Up Event for Friends or Fans

Public Calendar Search_Live MusicYou’re walking down the street in your favorite city with no set plans – just exploring. Then out of nowhere you get a pop-up on your phone.

Next Door Events just added a new event: Pop-up Concert at the Dallas Hotel

And instantly you have plans – a fabulous, pop-up party that you’ll never forget.

This is the sort of event you can find and create with Allcal, a SOCIAL PLANNING tool that helps groups share events with followers instantly.

What is Allcal?

Allcal is a free mobile and web app that lets organizations, brands, and venues add all of their events to a free public calendar and advertise it to their fans.

Download Allcal for free from the Apple App Store

The calendar works like a real-time newsletter, updating all your followers instantly whenever you add a new event or make last-minute changes.

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This unique feature makes it possible to throw surprise pop-up events that keep customers engaged and help you reach fans who might not have otherwise known about you.

How will fans know about my pop-up event?

Your fans simply have to add your public calendar on Allcal, and they’ll be instantly updated of any new events.

How to Create an Awesome Public Calendar on Allcal

That means when you decide to launch a limited-time Summer Sale at your store, offer an extended Happy Hour, or host a pop-up concert, all you have to do is add the event to your Allcal calendar.

All your followers will instantly get a pop-up on their phone about the new event and let you know if they’re coming.

How do fans let us know if they’re attending?

Each Allcal event has RSVP so you can get an idea of how many people are planning to attend your pop-up event.

You can also use Allcal’s unique ETA tool to figure out how far people are from your event. This tool will help organizers get a better idea of who’s too far to attend, and who may be on their way right now!

What does Allcal cost?

Allcal is 100% free for you and all your fans.

How do I get started?

Download Allcal now on your iPhone, Android, or register on your desktop.

As soon as you create your public calendar, you can start sharing it with fans on social media or directly on your website.

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