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4thSummer is finally here. It’s time to relax and celebrate by throwing a big summer party! There’s only one problem – how do you invite everyone to your weekend bash?

In the past, you’ve used lots of different ways of telling people about your party: Facebook, texting, and just plain word-of-mouth. None of those ways work. People say ‘maybe’ without really meaning it, or don’t respond online at all. You can text or call people directly, but then you’re spending hours trying to manage an old-school list of attendees.


What happened to all the technology that makes it easy to schedule a meeting with coworkers in a different timezone? Why doesn’t it exist for my group of friends?

It does exist, with Allcal’s free solution for SOCIAL PLANNING™.

Our tool makes planning a party easier than ever, thanks to three key features:

1. Invite anyone with an email address – free for you and your friends.
2. Keep track of RSVPs and who’s coming. 
3. Know when your guests are going to arrive. 

Thanks to Allcal’s innovative tools, you can spend less time worrying about getting people to your party and more time making it the best summer party ever!

How To Invite Friends To Your Summer Party

1. Create a new event in your calendar with all the info for your summer party. Add all the crucial information – when, where, what – then add a fun description and cover photo to get everyone excited.

2. Open the Event Invitation section to start inviting your friends and family. If they have an Allcal account, simply type in their name.

plan a summer party blog pic2

If they’re new to Allcal, enter their email addresses. Each person you invite will get an email with all the information about the event, plus the option to RSVP right in the email.

Allcal Hack: Have a lot of people to invite at once? Save tons of time by copying and pasting the entire list using the Allcal Desktop app.

How To Keep Track of RSVPs

Allcal always keeps you updated on who’s coming to your event. You’ll see each person you’ve invited, and their status – attending, not attending, or no response.

For most organizers, “no response” is the worst.

Summer Bash RSVP2

Despite how nicely you ask for a response, there are those few people that just show up to the summer bash, or you never hear from them again. For those people, Allcal has created a new Ask RSVP feature.

1. Open the event invitation.
2. Sort by RSVP to quickly see who hasn’t responded.
3. Tap the “Ask RSVP” button.

This feature allows you to send a message to a person that hasn’t responded asking that person to RSVP to your event.

They Still Won’t Respond…

We can’t make everyone respond, but Allcal gives every summer bash host the next best thing – with advanced RSVP comes the ability to change other users’ statuses.

When you share an event on a group calendar, you can immediately mark who’s coming to your event, and who’s already told you they’re out of town.

Because some people just never take the time to put down that they are coming or not, Allcal lets the event organizer change each person’s status. If someone has already told you that he or she will come, you can change their status without making that person change it him or herself.

How To See Who’s Actually Coming

We know that RSVPs only get you so far – at some point you just need to know who’s coming and at what time.

That’s where Allcal’s ETA feature comes in (see below).

plan a summer party with allcal blog pic

An hour before your event begins, you’ll be able to see how far away your guests are from your party. This will help you decide when to start getting ready, defrosting the burger patties, and who to expect first at your door.

Plus, for any guest that’s a fan of showing up unannounced, a quick peak at their ETA can help you be a little more prepared.

Time To Celebrate!

With Allcal’s unique RSVP, attendance, and ETA features, throwing a big summer party will get a little easier.

If you have any questions about organizing your event, inviting friends, or managing RSVP, contact us at You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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