Connect With Your Family, Friends, And Group Through Your Calendar

Quit texting, calling, and emailing about every upcoming dance recital or last-minute soccer practice. Instead, create a calendar on Allcal that always stays updated on your phone and computer.

Then share the calendar with as many people as you want – it’s free for you and them!

For Home_Body Image (2)RSVP on events

Invite friends to a dinner party, study group, or meeting and quickly see who has RSVP’d.

Send reminders

Add reminders to each event to make sure members don’t forget.

Find things to do

Search Allcal’s Public Calendars to find awesome events near you, then share them instantly with friends.

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Everything in one place

No matter how often you tell them, you still get those phone calls on the morning of the game –

“What time should we be there?” or “Where is the meet again?”

Allcal will keep all the information in one easy-to-find place.

Group communication

Chat with other parents right within the app to answer questions about each game.


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One shared calendar

Create a family calendar to instantly share every dance recital or sports team practice with every member of the family.

Real-time updates

The calendar always stays updated, even sending you a pop-up if there’s a last-minute change.

Goodbye group texts – hello Allcal!

For more help getting your family, team, or group started on Allcal, email us at

About Allcal
calendar and event scheduling app that will change the way groups organize. The free app lets friends, family, organizations, coworkers, and teams collaborate and coordinate schedules instantly. The app even sends real-time notifications to everyone in the group of any last-minute changes – so every member stays up to date.

Follow the Allcal Team’s busy schedule of great events on our Allcal Events public calendar, or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Download the Allcal app for free on your iPhone
Download the Allcal app for free on your Android
Learn more about Allcal – Shared Calendar for SOCIAL PLANNING ™

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