North Texas Beer Week Spotlights Local Brew Scene

Beer Week Primary Logo_RGBStep aside, Lonestar.

A team of beer enthusiasts is ready to turn North Texas into the next craft brewery hotspot. And they’ve put together more than 300 awesome events to make their case.

North Texas Beer “Week” (put in quotations because it’s actually 10 days long), starts Friday, October 31. That’s when craft breweries, local bars, and beer fans will get together for 10 days of tasting brews and celebrating this relatively new Dallas-Fort Worth scene.

“Really at the end of the day our whole mission is to make the craft beer scene here in North Texas one of the top – if not the top – in the country,” Matt Dixon, Dallas Brew Scene co-founder, said.

One of the key parts of this mission – get everyone together. Every single operating brewery in the metroplex is signed up to participate in North Texas Beer Week. This not only gives brewers a chance to show off their stuff, but can introduce locals to a great beer that’s made just down the street from their house.

The events also celebrate a connection within the industry, and the eagerness for local bars and breweries to work together. For the first time ever, breweries are collaborating to create a craft beer exclusively for North Texas Beer Week, such as “DFW: A Collaboration of Two Breweries,” created by Lakewood Brewing Co. and Rahr & Sons Brewing co.

This year also features the Inaugural Brewers Ball. The smaller, more formal event gives attendees an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the masterminds behind the breweries. Tickets are limited and cost $125/each.

Attendees can also find great national beers at events. But what makes the “week” particularly special are the Texas-grown breweries – the “backbone” of the Dallas-Fort Worth scene.

“We want to celebrate craft beer and the whole craft beer culture here. To us that means not only the local brands, but the great national brands,” Dixon said. “But residually its all going to come back to local brewers.”

For more information about North Texas Beer Week and its many events, go to the website. Once you decide which events are perfect for you, make sure to add them to your allcal calendar – and start sharing with friends.

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