Introducing New Admin Features with the Allcal Dashboard!

We’ve listened to your feedback about wanting a place to help you manage, organize, and keep track of all your calendars and events in Allcal – so we created a new feature just for you..

Introducing..the Allcal Dashboard!

The Allcal Dashboard will make it easier than ever for you to import events into Allcal, share your calendar with 1000s with just a click, and even get valuable analytics about your events.


– Bulk create events
– Import events through Facebook
– Export event list and data
– Bulk calendar invite
– Manage members
– Export members list and data
– Real-time analytics
– RSVP info
– Attendance tracking
– Most popular events


– 1-year subscription: $500

Contact the Allcal team for a free demo to learn more about the new Allcal Dashboard!