How Cowboys Shaped Fort Worth’s History

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All it takes is one step into Fort Worth’s Historic Stockyards and you’ll be transported to a time when cowboys brought their business to town. Cowboys are an important part of Fort Worth’s history and helped mold the city into what it is today. Although Fort Worth certainly has its share of modern, urban attractions, it’s unorganized western heritage can be felt throughout the city.

In the mid-1850s, Major General William Jenkins Worth suggested building a line of military forts to mark the border between Native American land and the United States. They were built and used for awhile, but eventually the military abandoned the forts, so nearby citizens moved in and started creating businesses and schools in the buildings.

The city of Fort Worth did not see much growth or prosperity until it became the last site of civilization on the Chisholm Trail. Cowboys from all over came up the Chisholm Trail to drive their cattle into Kansas to be sold. They had to stock up on a lot of supplies in order to sustain themselves along the trek, which brought a lot of business and money to Fort Worth.

But the cowboys also brought trouble to Fort Worth. There was an increase of saloons, dance halls, prostitution and crime. It was so bad that this part of the city was even nicknamed Hell’s Half Acre. Hell’s Half Acre became a hub for gangs, con men, highway robbers and all sorts of outlaws looking to stir up some trouble in town.

Eventually the expansion of the railroad, growth in the Fort Worth Stockyards company and dedicated law enforcement – such as Timothy Isaiah (Jim) Courtright – dissolved Hell’s Half Acre.

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