Hilarious App Ad Campaign Centers Around Couple Calendar Fails

Dallas, Texas – February 1, 2017 – Allcal, the original social planning app, today releases its first of three commercials centering around hilarious couple calendar fails. In the first sketch titled Party Foul, a man is excited to introduce his husband to his boss at a swanky work cocktail party only to have his husband missed the email update that the “pool party” is in fact cocktail attire, not pool attire. His husband bursts into the party wearing nothing but a speedo, much to the horror of the other attendees. Should’ve used Allcal!

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Party Foul! Couple Calendar Fail – Allcal Web Series

Allcal decided on the video series when the team noticed that many of its users were depending on the app to make plans with their significant others. Available for free for iPhone and Android, Allcal keeps couples connected with seamless real-time calendar updating. When someone makes a change to an event on the couple’s calendar, the event is instantly updated on the significant other’s calendar. The three-part video series shows some of the unfortunate things that could happen to those who don’t use the app to stay connected.

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Actors Andrew Russell, Victor Gonzalez, and Steve Brown star in Party Foul. “When I read it, I thought it was so clever. It’s really clean comedy,” says Russell of the sketch. “It’s always fun when you get to do shoots like this and be your weird, awkward self and make people laugh, so that’s always a plus.”

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Party Foul! Couple Calendar Fail – Allcal Web Series

Dallas-based Katherine Rose Watson produced and cast the comedic videos. Los Angeles-based trio Christine Moore, Justin Matson, and Jessica Kozak wrote, filmed, and edited the series. Watson states, “I was so proud to work on this project because of how important it was to Allcal to be inclusive and diverse. Allcal is for all and I think that comes across in these videos. Christine, Justin, and Jessica were a dream to work with. We had hundreds of writers and producers respond to our request for proposal but the comedy of their ideas won in the end. I laughed out loud reading the scripts.” Watch Party Foul here.

 For more information, visit allcal.com. To download the Allcal press kit for a quick look at all of the capabilities and use case scenarios, visit http://bit.ly/allcalpresskit. To download the original file for Party Foul, visit http://bit.ly/partyfoulsketch.

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