How-To: Create Recurring Events

Family dinner – every Sunday
Baseball practice – Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6pm
Team meeting – every other Monday @ 1pm

Our lives are often made up of recurring events. And just because they happen regularly, doesn’t mean you won’t forget or need them on your calendar.

basketball practice

That’s why the free allcal app lets you create recurring events that happen, daily, weekly or yearly. So all of those daily meetings, football games, and dance rehearsals can now be scheduled by creating a single event.

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To learn how to create a recurring event on the allcal iPhone or Android app, check out these steps below. For more help, contact us at

Getting started:

1. In the My Calendars section, open the calendar that you want to add a recurring event to.

2. Add details of your event, including the name, description, start/end time, etc. Then select Repeat.

3. On the repeat screen you will be presented with the options of None, Daily, and Yearly.

A. None will take you back to the create event screen.
B. Yearly can be used for events such as birthdays, and will automatically make the event appear every year on your calendar indefinitely.

C. Daily will take you to the above screen. It gives you several options, including when the recurring event begins, which days it occurs on, if it happens every week or every other week, and when it ends.
D. Select Save on both the Repeat page and Create Event page.

4. Your recurring event will now be visible on your calendar.
Allcal Hack: The recurring event feature is meant to help you add the exact same event quickly, and will not let you change an individual event while keeping the link alive. If you need to change one event, select the Duplicate Event option. This will save you time, but will also create an entirely new event.

The recurring event feature is a major time-saver, by letting you create several events in one easy task. But that’s just the beginning – by sharing calendars and events through allcal, getting together is easier than ever.

Instead of creating a new event every time you’re invited to a party or have to attend a work meeting, our innovative sharing solution lets you quickly link other people’s events directly on your calendar. Then the person in charge of the event – which let’s face it, is usually someone else – can make any necessary changes, knowing you’ll get the latest update immediately.

Download the free allcal app and to start sharing and saving time today!

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