CEO’s Tips for Boosting Your Public Calendar Ranking (PCR)

Public Calendar Search_Live MusicAn updated, easily searchable calendar is essential for many groups, teams, venues, and businesses.

With Allcal you can instantly share your entire schedule of events with hundreds of fans, plus keep them updated of any changes with pop-ups sent right to their phone.

But what if you’re looking for more fans? Allcal’s unique Social Planning app also lets helps you promote and grow your business.

Allcal’s advanced Public Calendar Ranking (PCR) system uses location, popularity, and relevance to show your calendar to the right people. We can’t reveal exactly how we decide who sees your calendar, but as Allcal’s Founder and CEO, I can at least share something.

CEO’s 7 Tips for Boosting Your Public Calendar Ranking (PCR):

1. Use Searchable Keywords: For better searchability, make sure that all your main keywords are listed in the title or description of your calendar.

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Allcal uses the content you put in your title and description to determine what your calendar is about, so make sure to add any keywords that are relevant to your group, organization, or business’ calendar.

2. Add Locations to Your Events: Allcal users have the option to use location to filter and sort Public Calendars. Therefore, it’s imperative to add the correct location to all your events.

Allcal will use this information to help users find calendars and events that are within walking or driving distance. Plus, adding a location will let you see RSVP’d users ETA, starting an hour before your event.

3. Be Chatty: Take advantage of Allcal’s chat features on both your calendar and events. This will not only give you points and credit for activity, but will help followers stay engaged before, during, and after your events.

4. Make Memorable Calendars: When creating public calendars, think about creating awesome content that is beneficial and interesting to others. Think beyond What/When/Where aspects of your events, and realize that Allcal’s unique Social Planning platform is about more then sharing all the information – it’s about sharing it at the right time.

For example, you could host a “Pop-up Event” and wait to add the location only 24 hours before the actual event. By using Allcal, you can make sure everyone gets instantly informed of the new information, plus keep fans excited with this new, exclusive information.

5. Never Stop Sharing

Allcal makes it easy to share any calendar instantly – even public calendars. Share your calendar with friends, family, or current fans directly with their email address. Encourage them to share the calendar with their friends – and so on…

No matter how many people share your calendar or events, they will all stay updated on everyone’s phone. So don’t be afraid to go viral. After all..the program is set up that way.

For more help getting started with creating your Public Calendar, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page or email our team directly at

We guarantee someone will respond within 24 hours.

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