Allcal in the News: Huffington Post, CW33, & Eat Style Dallas

mediaOur free app for SOCIAL PLANNING™ made headlines last week, introducing Allcal to thousands of new users in just a few days.

The Huffington Post’s Tech Blog published this review of our innovative calendar solution, explaining how Allcal, “solves a very important calendar management issue – efficient rescheduling.” Huffington Post contributor Leslie Chapman writes,

“The app makes it easy for users to create multiple calendars – public or private – and invite others to events such as happy hours, work sessions, study sessions, or general events around town. Should the date or time of an event change, the event organizer can simply update the calendar item in Allcal and everyone’s calendar will update with the change and prompt attendees to accept.”

Dallas-Fort Worth’s NewsFix CW33 station even stopped by the Allcal offices to interview our team about our plans for creating the first social planning app. Reporter Elyssa Lassiter quickly picked up on what our innovative sharing solution would mean for a group of friends, especially those dealing with their chronically late best friend.

“And get this, there’s even something that tells you how many minutes away your friends are from your event.  Most of us have that friend that says they’re on their way but they’re really in bed.”


Our app even made its way to the local blog Eat Style Dallas, where Dallas lifestyle expert Alex Young touted the app for its ability to help keep track of his busy, event-packed schedule. The Eat Style Dallas blogger explained,

“With my busy schedule filled with fashion, food and nightlife events around Dallas, Allcal gets how important it is to blend user friendly interfaces with sharing features.”

An amazing compliment, especially since we created this app with people like Young in mind. We wanted to build a great app for people on-the-go, who have too much going on to have to stop and worry about a sub-par calendaring solution.

We’re thrilled by all the great press, but are really excited about all the new people who learned about our free social planning app.

If that’s you, we’d love to hear about your experience with Allcal. Email us anytime at to share your thoughts on the app and ideas for making it an even better scheduling solution.

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