5 Exotic Summer Vacation Spots

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Sick of traveling to the same, old places – packed with other tourists and experiences created just for them? Then check out this list of the five most exotic places you can visit in the world during summer vacation. Some are adventurous, others more secluded. But whichever you choose, you can be sure to have an unforgettable and fun experience. With all these travel plans, you will need the allcal shared calendar app to help you schedule your time and stay connected with friends. With allcal, you can share vacation calendars and events which will help you plan all these exotic summer vacations with family or friends.

1. Ayutthaya, Thailand

Cultural experience

One of Thailand’s former capitals, Ayutthaya, has a rich cultural background. It’s full of ancient architecture such as Bang Pa-In Palace, also called the Summer Palace, which features several temples and monuments to kings and queens of the past.

Ayutthaya is home to many museums honoring Thailand’s and Ayutthaya’s extensive history. A favorite includes the Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre. Ayutthaya is also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, meaning even the experts agree this is place is packed with history. For added fun, there are several places where you can interact with elephants, including a famous elephant conservatory called Elephantstay. Here guests can spend several days or even weeks with the elephants!

thailand pic

2. Johannesburg, South Africa

Adventure trip

If you’re looking for more exciting and thrilling travel plans this summer, try going to a place known for its wild side – Africa. Johannesburg, South Africa has plenty of adventures, including bungee jumping off of Soweto’s Orlando Towers. The jump lets dare-devils experience a spectacular view of the town while satisfying their adrenaline cravings. At nearby Kruger National Park, guests can take a safari to find Africa’s famous wild animals such as Lions, Elephants, Giraffes and Zebras. If you want a little less of a heart-racing experience, try riding in a nice hot air balloon. There are tons of places all over South Africa that offer hot air balloon rides, many of them from around Johannesburg.

south africa pic

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Urban nightlife scene

Looking to make friends this summer? Dubrovnik, Croatia is not only beautiful, but also a great place to find your party-self thanks to several bars, restaurants, and clubs. Some popular places include Club Revelin which features some of the most popular electronic dance artists of today and the Taj Mahal, which serves bosnian and european cuisine. Dubrovnik also offers wine tasting tours where you can enjoy the scenery, while trying to recover from the fun night before!

croatia pic

4. Urubamba, Peru

Natural sights

Urubamba is usually just a stop along the way to Machu Picchu, but it holds many wonderful sights of its own. Nestled within the Urubamba valley next to the Urubamba river, the city offers tourists many ways to view its scenery including horse back riding tours, regular hiking tours, and even llama tours. Enjoy the beautiful view that only nature can offer – and don’t forget to bring a camera!

peru pic

5. The Arctic

Tranquil getaway

The quietest natural place on earth is arguably located in the northern frozen Arctic. The best time to visit the Arctic is June through September, because that’s when you can see wildlife moving through the area. From May through July, the Arctic even gets 24 hours of sunlight, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the sights and soak in some Vitamin D.

A cruise is the safest way to travel around the Arctic, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Therefore, some people opt for different modes of transportation for their travel plans, such as flying in on an airplane, or even just trekking through Canada into its northernmost parts with the help of local Inuits. All in all, not a lot of people make travel plans to the arctic so you can find peace and quiet in the cold atmosphere.

arctic pic

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