12 Tips to Have an Awesome Summer

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Summer – a time for planning vacations, enjoying some sunshine, and schedule a little break from our crazy lives. But even though relaxing in a hammock all day, every day may sound fun, there are plenty of other ways you can spend the season.

To help celebrate the official start of summer (June 21), here are 12 suggestions for getting the most out of the next couple of months!

  1.  Attend a summer class – Learning a new skill or about a new subject is one of the most valuable ways you can spend your time. Whether you’re still in college – or just wishing you were – schedule a summer class and keep your mind fresh during the summer.
  2. Get a hobby, but not just any hobby – You can start small, like learning to bake a chocolate cream pie. Then just go for it – we’re talking the sort of hobby that will give you hours worth of dinner party-material. Pick something unique, challenging and filled with plenty of opportunities for improvement. This AskReddit discussion has some pretty interesting ideas to get you started.
  3. Create a fan club – Indie Japanese Rock…1960’s French Literature…WD-40 (yes, this fan club exists)…whatever you’re into, there’s a good chance someone else is a big fan too. Find a group of people that enjoy the same things that you like and make a club. You can even create a Public Calendar on allcal to share with fellow fans, making it easier for you to plan to get together, and talk about your favorite things IRL.
  4. Work it out – Exercising has many benefits including increasing physical, mental, and psychological health. Exercising is an all around great way to spend time over the summer. Experts suggest exercising for at least an hour a day – but anything is better than nothing!
  5. Get a summer job – It’s a good way to earn money and beef up your resume.  But even if you don’t need either, getting a summer job will give you new skills, broaden your social circle and make you accountable during the so-called ‘lazy summer’ months.
  6. Volunteer – Help out the local community by volunteering at a charity or local organization. Not only will you meet new people and learn new skills, you will be making a difference in people’s lives. So schedule some time to give back to your community.
  7. Clean – And we’re not just talking about scrubbing your bathroom sink. The summer is a great time to clean out those clutter-traps you don’t have time to deal with the rest of the year –   like that one closet no one in your house dares to open up.
  8. Enjoy nature – The flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the days are longer (if you live in the northern hemisphere – sorry Australia!). Make plans with friends to do something that takes you outside like hiking or kayaking. It’ll be good for your body and good for your soul to schedule some outdoor fun.
  9. Travel – Take a trip to an adventurous, far away country or schedule a small trip to an interesting place near you. Fly, drive, bike – it doesn’t matter. Just get out there, explore the world, and have some fun.
  10. Party! – There’s something about the summer that makes people want to party. So take advantage of any fun exciting parties that come your way – or throw one of your own.
  11. Slow down – Take a real break this summer by physically doing nothing. In a November 2012 TedTalks, Andy Puddicombe urged people to schedule 10 whole minutes each day simply being mindful, as a first step to a healthier, happier life. If that’s all it takes – why not?
  12. Try something new – Get out of your routine by checking out a new restaurant, bar, or museum in your area.  Download allcal to find exciting public events near you – then easily share them with friends!

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